Ohio Mayor says “I encourage you to support the elimination of the estate tax.”

February 24th, 2011 Posted in Ohio Estate Tax

Derek MerrinDear Senators:

As an elected official at the local level, I fully support eliminating Ohio’s estate tax.

The tax has put Ohio at a competitive disadvantage and contributed to our economic malaise. Furthermore, an individual’s estate consists of after-tax dollars. Their earnings have already been taxed multiple times.

A few short-sighted, local officials claim that their cities, villages, and townships will lose revenue if the tax is repealed. They miss the whole point. The tax is hurting the entire state of Ohio. As the state of Ohio goes, so goes local communities.

Additionally, local governments derive minimal revenue from the tax. In the Village of Waterville, the tax makes up less than 1% of the general fund revenue. It’s a negligible revenue generator. However, the tax’s negative impact has been far-reaching throughout the state.

I encourage you to support the elimination of the estate tax and help move Ohio forward.


Derek S. Merrin
Mayor, Village of Waterville

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